Title: It's Only Life
Artist: The Shins
Played: 395 times


The Shins | It’s Only Life

I would DIE for James Mercer

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Title: Where Are All The Scientists Now?
Artist: Jukebox The Ghost
Played: 30 times

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Remember that light-up Tangled painting that I was working on?

It’s for sale!

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I start school the day after my birthday
:( #pray4turt

Title: Cyclops Rock
Artist: They Might Be Giants
Played: 165 times


Cyclops Rock - They Might Be Giants (featuring Cerys Matthews)

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hey my birthday is coming up so if you want to make thousands of lanterns to set off into the night sky you might want to get started

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check out this cool jpeg

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This is the Avery memorial garden. It’s too bad he died of the bird flu.

2013-2014 rip

adults who like adventure time and then spend all their life trying to convince everyone else that it’s totally not a kids show are my least favorite people

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Title: Birdhouse in Your Soul
Artist: They Might Be Giants
Played: 5539 times


They Might Be Giants "Birdhouse in Your Soul"

I think this might have been my first ever favorite song

Title: Everybody Knows
Artist: Jukebox The Ghost
Played: 1023 times

I never breathe the air without you
Somehow entering my mind
I only breathe the air
To keep you inside
So you would always be mine

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Title: Gone For Good (Alternate Version)
Artist: The Shins
Played: 1841 times


It took me all of a year
To put the poison pill to your ear
But now I stand on honest ground, on honest ground
You want to fight for this love
But honey you cannot wrestle a dove
So baby it’s clear

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