I’m not sad about my cat dying anymore because she’s really old and sick and in pain, but I’m really sad about her friend who has been with her almost his whole life :( he’s going to miss her. he keeps rubbing his head all over her. he looks scared.

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The ultimate dad joke compilation

Reblog for “Robeneros”

I wanna meet these dads

a real life picture of me today


Valentino Shanghai Red Collection

Diana is named after the little cat in sailor moon and only because my mom wouldn’t let me name her Luna~

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My super old cat is very sick :(

I went to FOUR GameStops today looking for a stupid card with a stupid code to get a stupid pokemon I am an ADULT.


wow, thank yo so much Windows for recovering this drawing of chester the cheetah, without it i dont know what i would have fucking done

tweeted a joke about terrorism :/


to be the very best

look what I just rode without throwing up!


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